Belgian railway unions launch strike

The rail unions started strike today: Belgium has also launched an hourly strike of railway workers 24 protesting the pay cuts it has made under the austerity measures. The strike of 3800 was canceled by the strike of the union, which was close to the 60 in the country's domestic flights.
According to the news of Euronews; The one-day strike by the railway union in Belgium brought life to a halt. Thanks to the strike of railway workers protesting the salary cuts made by the government as part of the austerity measures, transportation came to a halt not only on railways but also on airlines. Almost half of Brussels-based domestic and international flights have been canceled.
CGSP Secretary Philippe Peers, said that because the strike was imperative, large companies have begun attacks on workers to make the rich, the rich.
In Belgium, the government plans to cut social security and increase the pension age from 65 to 2030 by 67



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