From the President Türel to Aksu 5 intersection

Good news from President Türel to Aksu on 5: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel announced that there will be five intersections on Antalya-Aksu route.
President Türel, ca Wholesaler Hal, Democracy (TEDAŞ) Junction, Altınoava Crossroad (Fly-over) intersection, Airport junction with a new arrangement will be a clover junction. Together with the intersection in front of Aksu junction and EXPO, we will win five intersections between Antalya and Aksu. Tender studies were started on this subject, we will complete the construction and complete the intersections until the end of 2015 by Aksu. After that we continue to set out to stop traffic, dur he said.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, who participated in AK Party Aksu County Congress, said that they will talk about projects that will host world projects, not ordinary projects in Aksu. President Turel, "we EXPO project, Turkey is perhaps the world's first project to be done on the host EXPO 150 years. Olympic games are equal. Many people could not realize the importance of this. Aksu will host such an important event. 23 will cut the ribbon on April 2016. While the EXPO project is such an important project, or if you go out to make populism somewhere, use the expression 'What do you want us to eat? Within bread EXPO, thousands of our brothers will find work in that project. The artisan's face will laugh. It will be the blessing of hosting a world project. Ad

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