High speed train from the Prime Minister to Edirne

High-speed train good news from the Prime Minister to Edirne: Prime Minister Davutoğlu spoke at the extended provincial presidents meeting in Edirne. Listing the new investments to be made in Edirne, Davutoğlu also promised a new high-speed train line.

I hope the high-speed train will come to Edirne. This is also being studied. We will make Edirne a center opening to the Balkans and Europe. When the Bulgarian border beyond Edirne became two blocks, they both lost. We said let's connect these historical cities. If Thessaloniki is to be revived, it will come alive only if it unites with Istanbul. Therefore, we are determined to connect Edirne to Europe by high speed train, first to Istanbul via Bulgaria and Greece. Airport is also an absolute must here. Hopefully, we will bring this to our Edirne. All bridges of Edirne will be illuminated and Edirne will be known as a brilliant cultural city. I am going to visit the Karaağaç Bridge junction today and it will open on April 7rd. The 23-bed hospital will open in April, May, and this is our gift to Edirne.




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