Ayaş Tunnel is covered with moss

The interior of the Ayaş Tunnel was covered with moss: The Ayaş Tunnel, the foundation of which was laid in 1976 when Süleyman Demirel was the prime minister, and 600 million TL was spent, will be completed by the State Railways. Ayaş Mayor Bülent Taşan, who spoke to Ankara in the MORNING about the tunnel, which saw 2002 governments until 21, said, "We want to extract the buried treasure".

Emphasizing that the state resources have been spent for this tunnel for many years, but the investment was left to its fate, Taşan said, “With our government, both the highway and the railway run parallel to each other. We set out with this logic. We met with both our Minister of Transport and our Deputy Minister of Development. We, as the Mayors of Güdül, Beypazarı and Nallıhan, made an official application after preliminary meetings. Thanks to him, the Ministry of Transport welcomes this project.

Bülent Taşan, who informed that the feasibility studies were carried out by the State Railways to complete the project, stated that with the opening of the Ayaş Tunnel and the start of the train services, Ankara's new settlement will be Ayaş. Taşan said, “This region is a corridor in terms of geothermal tourism. We need to solve the transportation problem. What will people go with after making huge investments here? It seems very difficult to realize these investments without solving this problem. Therefore, from the moment this investment is realized, this region will be the favorite of both thermal tourism. People will be more willing to invest. In addition, there will be a serious transportation potential in terms of thermal greenhouses, ”he said.

The 600-kilometer part of the 10-kilometer tunnel, for which approximately 2 million TL has been spent so far, could not be completed. Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, in the ministerial budget meeting in 2011, said about the tunnel, "The newly graduated engineers who attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the 10-kilometer tunnel have retired." Ayaş Tunnel, whose construction turned into a snake story, was closed with an iron wall, while stunted trees and bushes covered the front of the tunnel.



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