They attacked the train with stones

They attacked the train with stones: 58-year-old Zehra Toy, who was traveling by train in Denizli, was injured when a piece of marble thrown from outside broke the glass and hit his forehead. Toy was taken to the hospital with 6 stitches on his head and was discharged. Zehra Toy, mother of two children, visited her sister Nurdan Deveci in Aydın last week and set off by train yesterday to return to her home in Pamukkale District of Denizli. When the train arrived at Pamukkale, Eskihisar Mahallesi at around 19.00:XNUMX, a piece of marble thrown from the outside broke the glass and hit Toy's forehead while watching outside. Toy with a split forehead began to writh in pain. Passengers and train attendants running to Toy's cry made the first intervention. Meanwhile, the train entered Denizli Station.

After the incident, the 112 Emergency Service teams, who were kept ready at the station, made the necessary intervention on the train and took Toy to Denizli State Hospital. Toy, who had a 3-centimeter-long and 2-centimeter-deep wound on her forehead, had 6 stitches and was discharged. Rest in his home, Toy said, “I preferred traveling by train because it was the safest journey. I repented. "I will not get on the train again." 65-year-old Ahmet Toy said, “The object that hit my husband's head is a bit of a piece of marble that is slightly larger than a punch. A child cannot throw that object on the train that fast. I think the person doing this is an adult. Is the glass of the trains breaking so easily? I could lose my wife. When I heard about the incident, I had a great loss. Train windows should not be broken so easily. Take precautions for this. "As we learned, the trains were often thrown stones," he said. The police reported that the investigation into the incident continues.



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