Asphalt Price Becomes the Constitution

Asphalt Price Becomes the Constitution: After Ankara Hurriyet has recently raised the agenda for the high amount of 'asphalt participation', which is one of the issues most complaining about the capitalists, Lawyer Sedat Vural, registered to the Ankara Bar Association, applied to the constitutional court.
For the asphalt costs ranging from 750 to 8 thousand pounds, ın It is not possible to pay these numbers, u Vural argued that the rebellion of the citizen was justified, stating that he used the right of individual application. Although they fulfill the requirements of the task, 'Asphalt with the good luck' pennants, doing a job that creates a perception of the municipalities, then notification and then the title deeds by placing annotations in violation of the law. Constitutional Court will take the decision quickly, Anayasa he said.
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As a citizen in Ankara, he stated that he witnessed the unlawfulness of the asphalt participation fees received by the municipalities in person. Vural said that: it is seen that the municipalities demand money from the citizen by using 2464-86 clauses of the same law. I have found that the practices of the municipalities that are in practice against the citizen, which cover up their responsibilities, are confused and saddened as an expert in these matters.
It was a legal and social obligation to submit an individual application to the Constitutional Court. I expect the European Convention on Human Rights to come to an end as soon as possible from this application, which is contrary to the 2, 35 and 36 and 40 articles. According to real estate experts, this situation, which concerns the 50 of the capital, needs to reach an immediate result. Emlak

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