Meydan-Aksu-Expo Rail System Project Completed in Antalya

Square-Axle-Expo Rail System Project in Antalya Completed: The project work of the Meydan-Airport-Aksu-EXPO 2016 Light Rail Line, which will be realized by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with the Ministry of Transport, was completed and sent to the Council of Ministers. 200 will be a million pounds giant project, 17.8 mileage. The route includes a total of 15 stations including airport in and out.

The new rail system project starts at the Square and continues at approximately 15.4 kilometers along Aspendos Boulevard and ends at the EXPO 2016 Antalya stop. The route is also connected to the airport by an 2.4-wide arm. The system includes a total of 75 stations, each of which is 15 meters long and of a level type. The stations located on the rail system line are Perge Station, Kışla Stop, Topçular Stop, Demokrasi Stop, Cırnık Stop, Altınova Stop, Yenigöl Stop, Sinan Stop, Airport Intersection Stop, Airport International Terminal, Airport Domestic Terminal, ANFAŞ Station, Kursunlu Stop, Aksu Stop, was set as EXPO Stop.


A total of 7 pieces of art structures on the route, hydraulic, underpass and bridges are to be used, one on the Acısu stream and one 1 on the Soğucaksu stream and one 3 unit on the Cırnık stream in order to pass the rail system. specified. The rail system vehicles will cross the Democracy Interchange underground and the other intersections will pass through the level, from the Square to Aksu. was expressed.


Providing information about the EXPO Square Rail System line, Mayor Türel said that they had brought Antalya to Antalya with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the relevant ministers. President Türel said: UM Our first rail system line was 11.1. Now we are adding 16 mileage. 200 is an investment of £ 1 million. Our citizens will be able to reach the airport, the city center and the bus station with the most modern public transportation vehicles. We delivered the rail system project and feasibility studies to the Ministry of Transport. Now the route is certain, the project is certain, where it will be paused certain Artık.


When asked to the public about the rail system project, an acknowledgment of 98 was made. President Türel said, X We said that we will ask the big projects to the public. With great enthusiasm we completed the feasibility and delivered. These projects are not easy. The effort requires follow-up. We follow step by step. We talked to the Minister of Transportation on the project. We delivered the projects to the Ministry. Cabinet approval is required. Mr. Minister gave instructions and gave instructions to Aksu Rail System project to be sent to the Council of Ministers Say.



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