Uncertainty of Disabled Lift in Ankara Metro

Disabled Lift Uncertainty in Ankara Metro: Elevators placed in Kizilay subway still do not operate despite 1 month. The Turkish business elevator, Türk he said. Metropolitan Municipality officials, the system is not yet in use, stating, ise We have not yet activated the system. It will become available and will be used in the near future. Dem
Governor Swords' 3 December message
Ankara Governor Mehmet Kiliclar, 3 issued a message due to the December World Disability Day. Governor Swords noted: etim 3 December is an important date in terms of raising public awareness and awareness for disabled individuals, but this sensitivity is never limited to one day. Disability is not only a problem for individuals with disabilities or their families, but it is also a matter of concern to the society with their social dimensions and requires the joint effort of all individuals. Taking into account the problems of people with disabilities with the understanding of the state of social law, it is our greatest aim to turn them into people who are not consuming, producing and living independently. On the occasion of this meaningful day, I would like to congratulate all the disabled citizens on the sağlık World Day of Disabled Persons ü and wish them and their families health, happiness and unhindered lives.
Governor Kılıçlar also stated that the handicapped personnel working in public institutions and organizations in Ankara will be considered as administrative leave due to 3 December World Disability Day.


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