Latest Status of Ankara İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project

izmir ankara rapid train line emergency date 2022ye sarkti
izmir ankara rapid train line emergency date 2022ye sarkti

Latest situation in Ankara Izmir high speed train project: In the February 2005 Final Report of the Ministry of Transport of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Turkey: Fast trains are the most effective in carrying passengers to 400-600 km distances. It will not be wrong to say that high-speed trains and urban rail systems, which will also include the priority principle in public transportation in passenger transport, will be the main modes of transportation of the future.

Ankara-Izmir highway distance is about 587 km long and highway passenger transportation takes 8-9 hours. Air transport between Ankara and Izmir is the total travel time including transportation and airport operations and waiting time 3 hour 25 min. around.

The need for reshaping of transportation between the most important cities of our country such as Ankara-İzmir emerged. Based on this requirement, the Ankara - İzmir YHT Project was on the agenda.

In this project; Starting from Yenice Village on the 22.nci Km of the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Line, Afyonkarahisar City Center is the High Speed ​​Train Line which passes through the center of Manisa in Uşak and ends in Izmir.

In case of realization of this project, 1 hours between Ankara and Afyon and 20 hours between 2 hours and Afyon 30 hours 3 minutes between Ankara and Izmir 50 hours XNUMX min. also planned to fold.

A tender was made for the Polatlı-Afyon section of the project, which was included in the 2011 investment program. Distance and road time according to projects:

  • Ankara-Izmir (via Manisa): 663 Km
  • Ankara-Izmir (via Kemalpasa): 624 Km
  • Ankara-Izmir (via Manisa): 3 hours 50 minutes
  • Ankara-Izmir (via Kemalpasa): 3 hours 20 minutes


The tender for the feasibility studies and project works of the Ankara-Afyonkarahisar-Izmir railway line was made by DLH on 23 August 2004.

Some project revision works have been made on the route between Ankara (Polatlı) and Afyonkarahisar and construction contract has been made and 11 June 2012 contract has been signed and infrastructure works are in progress.

Ankara-Izmir (%)


Akarçay 1 and 2 Bridges Beam production is completed. T5 Tunnel Overhead and Infrastructure manufacturing is finished 540m. Interior coating concrete production continues. T6 and T8 are in progress. Underpass, culvert, slope arrangement and splitting works are in progress.

  • T6-7-8 908 m superstructure manufacturing is completed in the introduction.
  • T6-7-8 The production of 461 m superstructure in the output part has been completed.
  • T3 Tunnel 15 m superstructure manufacturing has been completed at the entrance.
  • T3 Tunnel The production of 12 m superstructure in the exit section has been completed.
  • 134 + 925 km no.
  • 133 + 840 km no-4 viaduct works are continuing.
  • 132 + 570 km no-3 viaduct works are continuing.
  • 22 Piece Grill is complete. 4 culverts are in progress.
  • 7 underpasses have been completed. Production of 3 underpasses continues.
  • 2 units Overpass production continues.

Afyon-Eşme (In the project process): The construction tender is in preparation.

Eşme- Salihli (during the project period): SWS Turkey took the partnership project construction. 08.03.2013 signed the contract. Corridor research continues.

Salihli-Manisa (during the project process): Protek + Mega business partnership project project. 25 signed contract on February 2013. Corridor research continues.

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