Will Ankara - Istanbul YHT Get Even More Accelerated?

Ankara - Istanbul Will YHT Get Even More Accelerated: Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, answered Seda Ogretir's questions on NTV live broadcast. He made important statements for the works within the scope of Elvan Ministry.
Will the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) currently running between Ankara and Istanbul get faster? Or is this the final version? Will Istanbul-Eskişehir accelerate, with these studies?
Sometimes there are 3 and sometimes 3 hours and 45 minutes travel time. It will be 3 hours between Ankara and Istanbul. Works will be completed between Ankara and Istanbul for 3 hours. However, the occupancy rate is good, there is a 90 percent occupancy rate, and there is a word of satisfaction among citizens. The trouble with all these high-speed trains is that; it is not possible to go at the same speed everywhere. So we don't have a problem right now. We continue our work to shorten the time by half an hour.
We will make improvements especially in Adapazarı side. Difficulties were encountered in tunnel construction. There's a problem there. Frankly, we travel long in Adapazarı in terms of routes. We will complete these projects.



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