All ski resorts in Greece where you can have a good time

greece skiing center
greece skiing center

All ski resorts where you can have a good time in Greece: Although expensive and difficult and tiring for others, ski resorts in Greece offer many experiences and activities to those who love winter sports.

Walking in the mountains, playing in the snow and having fun, a good meal and an incredible atmosphere are among the main reasons for visiting the ski resorts in Greece this year. Many ski centers offer this opportunity for those who are looking for an alternative holiday and entertainment by doing special campaigns during the winter months.

We have compiled for you the best ski resorts in Greece:


Parnassos Ski Center, the closest ski run to the capital Athens, has undergone many changes and renovations since the spring of 2014. Parnassos'un waiting for visitors to the doors of the 15 will be opened in December. 19 ski slope, 7 footpath, small runways and 2 snow amusement park are waiting for you to experience the first time skiing.

How to get to Parnassos?

180 km from Athens. You can go to Parnassos via Livadia and Arahova. Ski buses run from Athens to Parnassos every day if you don't have a car. Departure - arrival ticket 15 euro. For more detailed information, you can call +30 210-5763935 and 210-2511360.

Tickets: The prices of the tickets vary according to the activities you want to do at the ski resort. You can find detailed information and purchase electronic tickets at


Kalavrita Ski Resort started the season with many autumn promotions. You can get an annual family card for 390 euro. The ski resort has not yet announced the official opening date. 11 runway, snow park and tubes park is waiting for you.

How to get to Kalavrita Ski Center?

You can go to the ski resort from the Kalavrita exit of the Athens - Patra highway. It is also possible to find buses with a return ticket of 191 EURO for the ski center, 15 km from Athens. Contact phone 210-3470190

Tickets: You will need to pay 15 euro for the daily ski pass card during periods of low interest and 25 euro for the busy times. Detailed information In the address.


3-5 The Pigadia Ski Resort is now in standby mode, because the investor is expected to run the central rental. In any case, however, the center will open its doors in December this year. 3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort 17 from Nausa. In addition to the automatic artificial snow system, the 13 ski slope, which varies according to the difficulty level, is waiting for you to park your snowmobiles and caravans.

How to get to Pigadia Ski Center?

528 km from Athens. The Athens - Thessaloniki road can be used for the ski resort at a distance. The center is 103 km from Thessaloniki. You can head to the ski center from the Veria exit by using the Thessaloniki - Athens road.

Tickets: Prices have not yet been announced for 2014-2015 season tickets. Those who want to get detailed information can contact the authorities on 23320-44981 or can visit the website.

4. Vasilitsa

Vasilitsa Ski Center, which opened its doors to visitors in October on 26, remained open as long as the abdominal length remained satisfactory. The next opening will depend on the weather. But in December it will definitely wait for its visitors. 42 km from Grevena. The ski resort 1.600 - 2.115 is located in the heart of Pindos Mountain.

How to get to Vasilitsa Ski Center?

467 km from Athens. The ski center is 215 km away from Thessaloniki. Those who want to go to Vasilitsa from Athens will have to follow the Athens - Thessaloniki road and leave the Athens - Thessaloniki road in Lamia and follow the Egnatia Highway after Karditsa, Trikala, Kalambaka. Those who want to go from Thessaloniki to Vasilitsa can reach the Vasilitsa ski center by following the road signs showing Smiksi after the Mavranaioi / Kipourio exit of the Egnatia Highway.

Tickets: Ticket prices of 18 euros for those over the age of 10 are set at 8 euros for university students and 5 euros for children. Price list You can find it on the internet address, you can contact the authorities at 24620-84850.


Kaymakçalan Ski Center 1 officially opens its doors to visitors since December. The necessary maintenance works in the facilities have been completed. The ski center will work every day between 09: 00 - 16: 00. In addition, special programs will be implemented for evening skiers from 17: 00 to 20: 00. In the center where the 9 ski slope is located, the snowcat and snowmobile runways and various activities are waiting for you.

How to get to Kaymakçalan Ski Center?

Kaymakçalan Ski Center, which is 591 km from Athens and 141 km from Thessaloniki, is 44 km from the city of Edessa. Those who want to reach Athens can reach the ski center by using the Athens - Thessaloniki road and then following the traffic signs showing Edessa. The shortest route for those who want to reach Kaymakçalan from Thessaloniki is the road that passes through Giannitson and reaches the ski center.

Tickets: Ticket prices have not been announced for this year yet. Last year, ticket prices were 10 euro for adults in the low period and 15 euro for the busy period. Those who want detailed information can call 23810-32000 or can apply to the website and close online tickets.


Those who go to Metsovo Ski Center this year will see the mountain house being enlarged. So you will be able to watch the snow-covered mountains through a panoramic window and spend more time comfortably. In the snowy ski resort in October, everything is ready for the winter season. Located at an altitude of 1.850 meters, the center has an 13 ski slope appealing to everyone.

How to get to Metsovo Ski Center?

Those who want to reach the ski center, 4 km from Metsovo, 414 km from Athens and 215 km from Thessaloniki, from Northern Greece can use the Egnatia Highway. Those who want to go from Athens can reach the ski center by following the route Lamia - Karditsa - Trikala - Kalambaka - Metsovo.

Tickets: Prices for this year have not been announced yet. Contact number 698-0760850 for detailed information and website of the ski resort

7. the PERTUL

All maintenance work at the Pertuli Ski Center was completed and the first snow drop was left. The center usually opens in December, but as always, it's a bit dependent on the weather. The ski resort 40 from Trikala is an 3 ski slope.

How to get to Pertuli Ski Center?

You can reach the center, 362 km from Athens, via Lamia - Karditsa - Trikala road. The ski center is 269 km from Thessaloniki.

Tickets: This year's prices have not been announced yet. For more information, please contact 24340-91545.


Vigla - Pisoderi Ski Center located in the city of Florina worked towards the end of October. The center is expected to snow again in the West Macedonia region to start working again. The ski center on the Florina - Kastoria road is only 18 km from Florina city. 10 ski tracks are waiting for you at the Olympic track standards.

How to get to Vigla - Pisoderi Ski Center?

You can reach the ski resort, which is 645 km from Athens, first through Athens - Thessaloniki and then through Veria, Ptolemayida and Florina. The ski center is 212 km from Thessaloniki.

9. the VELUH

Managers of Veluhi Ski Center take care to renew the ski center every year. The 11 ski slopes last year went to 15 this year. The plans include buying a new baby lift and opening a new restaurant. Karpenisi's 10 km ski center has a snowboard park, chalet, ski schools and ski equipment rental stores.

How to get to Veluhi Ski Center?

After the Lamia exit on the Athens - Lamia road, you will have to watch the traffic signs showing Karpenisi. The ski center, 285 km from Athens, is 372 km from Thessaloniki. Ski buses from Athens also run to the ski resort. Contact number: 210-2511360

Tickets: Ticket prices for this season have not been announced yet. Last year, ticket prices for adults were 12 euros on weekdays and 20 euros on weekends. For those who want more detailed information, please call 22370-22002 or can apply to the internet address.

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