Alaşehir Dur-Geç Bridge 40 Finished in Day

Alaşehir Stop-Pass Bridge Completed in 40 Days: The bridge, which is located on the Alaşehir Stream in Salihli and known as the "stop-pass" bridge among the people due to its single lane, had to wait if a vehicle from the opposite direction entered the bridge, the 54-year-old bridge was built for the construction of a new one. It was destroyed by the contractor firm about 40 days ago.
During this period, the construction of the new double-lane bridge was completed. The new bridge, which was built on the Alasehir stream, was completed in 40 days. Emphasizing that the construction of the Gediz Bridge will be completed as soon as possible after the Alaşehir Bridge, Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda said, “Alaşehir Bridge, which has been used for 54 years and known as stop and late, was demolished and the new one was completed in a short period of 40 days. Now, Gediz Bridge will be completed and put into service at the end of January or early February ”.
Underlining that the width of the newly built bridges is 9 meters, Mayor Kayda said, “With the bridges, the connection roads will be expanded to 9 meters. Alaşehir connection road was expanded thanks to the works carried out by the Science Department teams. Thanks to these bridges, change efforts started in Salihli. " said.



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