Alasehir Bridge 33 has reached the end of the day

Alasehir Bridge 33 came to the end of the day: Alaşehir Bridge in Salihli, where the Metropolitan Municipality started construction, came to the stage of finishing in 33 days. The bridge will be opened soon. Mayor Zeki Kayda offered baklava to the bridge workers.
Alasehir Bridge and Gediz Bridge. Two important crossings on the Salihli-Akhisar highway. The two passages on a road that extends from Alaşehir to Denizli and even to Antalya, not just to Salihli.
Although it was called a gate or a bridge, it was two obstacles that did not pass. The two bridges built in the 1960 were so narrow that two vehicles could not cross side by side. A vehicle from the opposite direction if you entered the bridge you had to wait. Truck and diesel trucks going from Denizli to Aliağa were also passing through this bridge.
54 bridges were used this way throughout the year. The people of Salihli now called these bridges tarif Stop-bridge bridges Sal. After the election of the Mayor of Cengiz Ergun, he visited these bridges during his first visit to the district. Immediately gave instructions, projects were prepared tender business.
The first digging on the Alaşehir Bridge was shot this fall. The 54 annual scandal occurred with the first dig. Turns out that the bridges of the bridge that thousands of people have entrusted their lives to have already deformed. Moreover, it was noticed that the concrete was holding 4 finger thick. Workers, engineers were stunned. How can this bridge stand so long with this iron and this kind of concrete? This question also found a place in the press, but a month and a half of the last month did not come from the highway?
It's been a month since the first dig. The construction of the bridge has progressed rapidly and the work has reached the end of 33 days. In the field of construction site investigation, Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda thanked the workers who worked in the bridge construction and offered them baklava for their services. President Zeki Kayda, üler 54 was used for years and known as the stop Alaşehir and Gediz bridges to make us was to make. The connection paths with the bridges will be expanded and will be 9 meters. Alaşehir connection road was extended by the works carried out by the teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs. The company that received the tender very quickly working before the end of the bridge construction. With the help of these bridges, change works started in Salihli. Bu




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