Metro Criticism of AKP İzmir deputy

AKP Izmir deputy metro criticism: Gülermak, which will make the tram in Izmir, is counting days for the metro opening in Warsaw, Poland's capital. Before the opening, the AK Party, who visited the Warsaw subway, the Izmir deputy and foreign commissioner Rifat Sait, Gülermak had a request from the authorities of the firm.

Ağı Izmir ros stop on the Warsaw metro

It was appreciated by the Turkish company of Gülermak that the Warsaw metro was built in an extremely modern way at a short time. AK Party Izmir deputy Rifat Sait, who knew that the same company would make the tram in Izmir, had a small request from the company authorities: firma A stop is made in Izmir on the subway route. Olmas

Aziz Kocaoglu, examine the Warsaw metro

Sait, who liked the Warsaw metro, did not stop making a reference to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Sait, the Polish municipality of Warsaw, a Turkish company in a short time to make a modern metro, but the metropolitan metropolitan municipality still not fully finished, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Warsaw subway need to examine a few officials, he said.



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