AK Party deputy Malatya Öz esi High Speed ​​Train Auction to be held in January AK

AK Party deputy Malatya Self içerisinde High Speed ​​Train Auction will be held in January Am: AK Party deputy Malatya MP and Head of Parliament Ömer Faruk Öz, “will make the tender for the project in January. After the project tender, we will follow up quickly and strive to make the construction tender. Proje

Malatya Deputy Ömer Faruk Öz, who provided information to the UAV about the works they carried out on the railways, said, ları A tender will be held in January for the high-speed train within our 2023 targets. After the long-term studies for the line that will start from Sivas Çetinkaya direction and reach to Malatya, Elazığ and Diyarbakır, the studies were completed. The project tender was delayed. The latest TC.Devlet Railways (TCDD) General Manager, the last time I had come to my room. I have made a serious recollection of the fact that this work has escaped and what needs to be done as soon as possible. Then the general manager received the file from the infrastructure services. TCDD General Directorate will make the tender for the project in January. After the project tender, we will follow up quickly and make an effort to move on to the construction tender. Proje

Railway freight transport, Malatya Hatay Iskenderun line that draws attention to the Öz, atya We care about this route very much. The rail system of this line is important in order to reach the port in the fastest and cheapest way, both in the agricultural products and in the organized industry. The shortest road connecting Malatya to the port needs to be accelerated between İskenderun and Narlı. In this regard, the General Directorate of TCDD works in departments. M

Noting that they continue their intense efforts to establish a regional freight unloading center and logistics village in Malatya with the General Directorate of TCDD, Deputy Öz said, “Matya will not only benefit from the logistics village, transfer and loading station. Tired vehicles, trucks and lorries from the surrounding provinces and districts will arrive in Malatya and be taken to the port by trains. Logistic village application is a serious investment for Malatya and kazanI will be,” he said.

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