Adyada asphalt thieves get rushed

In Adana, asphalt thieves were red-handed: The first corruption operation related to the new period was organized by KOM today to Seyhan Municipality of CHP.
9 people were detained on the allegation of stealing asphalt material by forging documents on the construction site of Adana's central CHP Seyhan District Municipality.
In the investigation carried out on the notice of municipal officials, Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) Branch Office Financial Bureau teams, Seyhan Municipality asphalt construction site on the D-400 Highway, raided in the morning.
Police, 3 months of technical follow-up, former Science Director Mehmet D., municipality employees İbrahim G., Bayram S., Aydın Ş., Ali Ç. and S.Ç. and the officials of the company, who undertook the tender of the municipality, detained 9 people, including Mirkan E. and Celal E. The suspects allegedly stole bitumen, the raw material of asphalt, by forging the documents, took them to the Police Department for questioning.
Seyhan Municipality officials on the asphalt construction site in the last period of the operation of the notice on the notice that the police announced that they did not come to the public, but not very convincing.
The 9 person is still inquiries in safety.


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