Road Attack from the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana

Road Attack from Adana Metropolitan Municipality: Adana Metropolitan Municipality has taken action for the 500 kilometer road work which is determined as an urgent need in the districts. Works started for the roads whose tenders were completed. The new roads will be made with the 2 coat application of the emissions from the chemical mixture. Adana Metropolitan Municipality has started to operate for the construction of 3 bridges where needed. In addition, activities are under way to identify the need for new bridges.
Adana Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü, as promised before the election, began to work hard to solve the road problem in the districts of Adana. Tender and ground deliveries were made for 500 kilometers of double-paved, emission road pavement. President Oral, pre-election promises to fulfill the promise of any sacrifice will not avoid. Söz We have promised our fellow countrymen to solve the road and water problem in the countryside and we are working to fulfill this requirement and to provide the highest quality road service. We have repeatedly stated that we will not discriminate between political parties while serving our citizens and we are fulfilling the necessity of this. 500 kilometers of asphalting will be relatively relaxed once road expansion is complete. Then the new road needs will be determined and they will be implemented. ”
Ragıp Bekaroğlu, Head of the Department of Science, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, stated that yol 80 kilometer in Feke, 80 kilometer in Saimbeyli, 40 kilometer in Tufanbeyli, 38 kilometer in Pozantı, Seyhan, 80 kilometers in Çukurova, Karaisalı, Yüreğir and Sarıçam, 80 kilometers in Kozan, 70 kilometers in İmamoğlu, Ceyhan and Yumurtalık. All of these have been delivered. Currently all contractor companies are working. As Adana Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science administrators and department staff, we supervise and participate in the work, including Saturday and Sunday. In addition to the 500 kilometers of road works that will be implemented urgently, new road tenders will be held following the detection works at 2015. ”
Ragıp Bekaroğlu, continued:
X For road works, 7 was tendered in parts, open tender procedure. Site deliveries were made to the contractors and work is in progress. As the work continues, technically serious road extensions are being implemented. Curves are broken as much as possible, and shrinkage and culverts are required for the production.
Corrupted, non-asphalted roads between villages are expanded and corrected. Narrow roads are brought to usable width. We make it a more suitable and usable way to standards. Road works will be double-decker application. The emission from the chemical mixture will be applied to the 2 coat. First, matte material will be laid, emission application will be made, then a second layer with thinner material will be made on it. A coating that will last longer will be realized with much better quality than the currently used standard coatings. All of the works were tendered. ”
Giving information about bridge works, Bekaroğlu said, ları The culvert and bridge needs are also determined and the inventory of the existing ones is determined and the determination studies are carried out. Their projects and tenders will be held soon. So far, the tender of the 3 bridge has been held, the excavations have been hit. The next 1 week will begin laying the foundation within 10 days. Both sides of the bridge within the TD-8 Channel within the New Metal Industry Site will be expanded to 12 meters by expanding 40 meters each. Approximately 1 kilometers south of this bridge will also be met. His tender was also held, and the contractor brought the basic machine and continues its work. In Gökçeli Village, there is a point on the DSI channel, which is used continuously by heavy tonnage vehicles. A tender was held there and as soon as DSI cuts the water, digging will be shot. ”



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