4 new bridges from Adana Metropolitan Municipality

4 new bridges from Adana Metropolitan Municipality: Adana Metropolitan Municipality has completed one of the 4 bridges determined as an urgent need at different points of Adana, and the other 3 bridges will be ready for service within 3 months.
The ceremony will be held on 8 January 2015 regarding the bridges that will be put into service and the bridges to be laid.
According to the information received from the managers of the Department of Science Affairs; After leaving the D-400 road, a reinforced concrete bridge of 20 meter length and 8 half meter width was built on the road to Gökçeler village. The cost of the bridge which was completed and made ready for service in 45 days was 275 thousand 281 pounds. Yeni Metal Sanayi Sitesi, Şakirpaşa Street connection TD-8 2 bridges are built on the evacuation channel and the traffic is planned to be more regular with the expansion of existing bridges.
13 meter width 22 meter length 16 meter length 22 meter length 2 bridge will be built on both sides of the existing bridge. After the two bridges are built, the traffic at this point will greatly relax. Bored piles of bridge constructions at 18 meter depth were completed. The cost of the 90 bridge that will be completed in 2 days is 1 million 441 thousand 314 pounds.
A bridge will be built on the TD 46043 evacuation channel between Tekel Street and 8 street and will be 40 meters wide and 24 meters long. The foundations of the bridge are bored piles and construction of 70 bored piles is completed. Bridge deck is designed as 22 meters wide, 45 precast beams and reinforced concrete. Bored pile foundations completed bridge will be completed within 90 days and will be put into service. The cost of the bridge was 1 million 680 thousand 456 pounds.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü said that the needs of Adana were determined quickly and the urgent needs were met first and that municipal services will meet with the public at many more points with new projects in the coming period.

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