Destroyed the Bridge Bridge School

The collapsed bridge was separated from the school: In recent days, because of the rainy weather in the country, some of our regions have been affected negatively by these rains. One of these regions was Kahramanmaraş.
STUDENTS did not attend school
About 50 students were unable to go to school when the bridge collapsed due to the downpour that was effective last night in Kahramanmaraş.
According to the information received from the region, the bridge on the Deliçay in Dadağlı District, 19 kilometers from the center, was destroyed last night due to the effective downpour. About 40 students were unable to go to school after the bridge, which connects the neighborhood to Değırma street, where there are 50 households, was destroyed.
After the news of the collapse of the Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality teams started their work, they work with tea and stone piled on the road made a temporary road. The flow of water was also provided by pipes.
Babaağlı District Headman Adam Sarıtürk, said the same problem every year.
Indicating that the bridge was destroyed due to rainfall Sarıtürk, the citizens are stranded, children can not go to school, he said. Sarıtürk, as well as drinking water pipes are broken in the region can not be given drinking water, he added. Sarıtürk emphasized that the authorities are trying to help them, said they wanted to make a permanent bridge to the tea.

The residents of the neighborhood Mustafa Sarıtürk also because the flood of the 6. said he did not send his daughter to school.
The middle school 2, which cannot go to school due to the collapse of the bridge. Duran Sarıtürk said that he was left behind because he couldn't go to school and demanded that a great bridge be made to the region.
Kadir Kılıç, a road mate in Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, stated that there was a serious increase in water because the rain was raining quickly and that the concrete pipes were dislodged and the bridge was destroyed. Sword in the last part of the description of the shortest new bridge to start the study reported.

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