Second hand metro in Bursa

Used metro in Bursa: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has doubled its rail system network in the city in the last 5 years with its transportation investments. However, despite the fact that the line was ready for service with the latest technology, no results were obtained from the tenders opened for the vehicles to work on. The municipality bought 30-year-old subway vehicles from the Netherlands.

The 44 vehicle, which was not used in the Rotterdam subway, was purchased and moved to Bursa. A part of the vehicles was divided into spare parts and the rest was painted or even removed.
The new line of the line and the 1984 model and the maintenance of the vehicles started a “scrap wagon” discussion in Bursa.

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Branch President Ibrahim Mart, the second hand vehicle comfort, security risk is higher than in the opinion.

So much so that when he was asked "New wagons of BursaRay", March "Are you talking about scrap wagons?" gives the answer.

Bursians who use BursaRay in the morning and evening to go to work also complain. Saying that he had to use BursaRay at least twice a day, Cüneyt Kışlak complains that old vehicles are not comfortable and they go slowly. Kışlak also states that the vehicles he calls “oven in summer, ice in winter” are delayed. Winter also complains about the use of old vehicles only in the eastern part of the city. "Why are these vehicles used only by Kestel?" says.

Saying that he often uses BursaRay, Özlem Görgün said, “Do we deserve this? Either they did it or they never did. It is very stuffy in the summer. ” says. Görgün says that he witnessed a woman who fainted in summer, fainted.


BursaRay's second-hand wagons were also on the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. On 11 January 2013, CHP Bursa Deputy İlhan Demiröz gave a written question about BursaRay to Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of the period, Binali Yıldırım.

Demiröz 11-point proposal on the question whether the approval of the ministry's 30-year vehicles, whether it's another example in Turkey and asked whether the calculated costs. Demiröz's question proposal was not answered by the Ministry within the prescribed response time.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BURULAS did not give an explanation on the subject and did not allow the image to be taken.

BursaRay uses 44 SIEMENS B80, 30 Bombardier B2010 and 24 Düwag SG2 model vehicles. BURULAŞ's website contains Siemens and Bombardier vehicle information, while information and photographs of the second-hand Duvag SG2 model are available.

BursaRay pays 2010 million Euros to Bombardier B3.16 vehicles. RayHaberAccording to the statement in the new 24 vehicles purchased from 125 thousand Euros, it is announced that 3 million Euros. It is stated that a total of 3 million Euros was spent by paying 6 million Euros for spare parts and other replacement costs.

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers President Ibrahim Mart, "We are a city with a brand city claim that the use of used vehicles in the city since the beginning of the right did not approve, we have not approved," he continues. According to March, it is difficult to find such an event in a developed country: “Only in underdeveloped or underdeveloped countries. He uses Europeans, and when he makes them into scrapping, he sends them to underdeveloped countries. In such vehicles, the security problem is more and the costs will be higher. Comfort is of course worse. Konfor
He is the General Manager of a company which is involved in the construction of the first stages of BursaRay and currently provides consultancy services in the field of rail systems. Levent Özen "We cannot even say that there is a serious security risk because few vehicles are operating at the moment, but if the number of vehicles increases, the risk increases."

He added that the purchase of new and used vehicles could be a temporary solution and not suitable for long-term use.

There is another remarkable application in BursaRay's newly completed line. The wagons coming out of the Caryatagi Station stop after advancing a little and reach one hand out from the vatman cabin. The Vatman pushes a button that hangs on a wire and is accessible from the outside. Experts state that what is done is "manual shear replacement". The vehicle continues on its way after the vat changes manually with scissors. Levent Özensays the application is due to the lack of a signaling system in the new line.


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