Legal Infrastructure for Private Sector Train Management Completed in 2015

Legal Infrastructure for Private Sector Train Management Completes in 2015: It has been reported that the legal regulation of the private sector regarding train operation will be completed in 2015.

The legal regulation regarding the train operation of the private sector was announced to be completed in 2015. said it would be completed in.

MP Mustafa Sahin, Minister of Development Yilmaz, işlet Malatya, an important province in terms of mineral reserves, in the coming period to ensure that the bottleneck in terms of mining transport to run the private sector railway administration. Although this law has been enacted, the regulation studies have not been completed yet. What is the latest work on this subject? Bu questioned.

Development Minister Yılmaz question, "No. 6461 May 1 2013 Turkey Official Gazette published the law on the liberalization of rail transport has entered into force. The regulation preparation process is carried out by the general directorate of railroad regulation and it is aimed to complete the legal infrastructure that will provide private sector train operation in 2015. Söz

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