Road signs and line work

Highways road marking and line work: Kars Highways 18. Regional Directorate, rain, snow and fog environment to keep the drivers comfortable and to prevent accidents, European standards of marking, light and line work was done. Highways, Kars-Erzurum highway Selim direction At the intersection of the industry is taking serious measures.
Highways 18 responsible for construction and maintenance. Regional Directorate of Traffic on the roads of the border in terms of safety of life and property is a series of work is done. Due to the long and intensive winter months in the region, BSK roads have been constructed and a number of measures have been taken in areas where the heavy snowfall and fog are dominant. For drivers to be more comfortable and safer; yellow cold road lines were used in the standard markings. As the road lines increase visibility in foggy and heavy snowfall, drivers are provided within the framework of Traffic Safety Signs standards. Again, especially in dense foggy areas and traffic-intensive bituminous hot-mix roads to ensure traffic safety, which is now launched on our roads in the güvenli V trafik format, which helps to find the strips of the signs of the applications of signs were made within the framework of standards.
In order to ensure the highest level of traffic safety, further studies are being carried out within the framework of marking standards in order to increase visibility in heavy snowfall and fog and to prevent drivers from getting out of the way.
Since the region is a region exposed to intense snow and mist, speed radar control systems (DOOPLER) were used to warn drivers of intersection approaches. Thus, the drivers are warned by speeding before they approach the intersection and their speed is slowed down. In addition, just before the intersection with the sound bands stimulated with co-warning beacon flashers are slowing speed. These studies are still going on.
Particularly in high-end handgrip approaches, the self-communicating flasher systems with RF module, which stimulate the drivers and synchronize, are completed by implementing 2014 units in the 500 investment program. 2015 investment program is targeted at a thousand 500 pieces.
In order for drivers to get more detailed information about the road in winter, Variable Message Systems (VMS) is established and infrastructure is prepared for the Smart Transport Systems operation. For example, if a freight truck going from Posik road to Sarikamis is closed, it will be provided to stay at the center of Kars until the center of Posof road passes from Kars to the center of Kars. .
Passive protection systems (car guardrail) were made to prevent road accidents. Maintenance and repairs are performed once a month at 6. Reflective materials showing the road at the edges of the guardrails are maintained intermittently to increase the night vision.
2014 junction signaling systems were installed throughout the region in 10 and it was able to control from a single center. In the 2015 investment program, 10 units will be built for more intersections. Steel pedestrian overpasses were built in the residential area, especially in front of the school. 2015 is planned to be built in 5.

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