Nemrut Ski Center has been flooded by ski lovers

Nemrut Ski Center was flooded by skiers: The skiing season was opened in Tatvan district of Bitlis with the falling snow. This weekend, ski lovers flocked to Nemrut Ski Center.

Nemrut Ski Facilities in Tatvan district of Bitlis, where snow thickness reached to enough level with the last snowfall, opened the season. On the first day of the opening day, the citizens showed great interest in the facilities which were the favorite of the skiers with its length and scenery. On the first day of the opening, the amateur skiers on the runway took the stone to the master skiers.

Tatvan District Governor Murat Erkan stated that the ski season was opened in Nemrut by the end of this weekend and said 'Although the first day, ski lovers showed great interest. Nimrod Ski Center in terms of area and we need both views is one of the few ski slopes in Turkey. Anyone who wants to have a nice weekend and want to ski against the views of Lake Van is welcome to our ski resort. Güzel

Nemrut Ski Resort operator Abdulmenaf Kocakaplan said that the citizens will be able to see the natural beauty of Nimrod with the cable car while enjoying the slippage on the 2 bin 550-meter ski slope. The facility is located in the city center of the facility with the 532 meters denim, offering citizens the possibility of accommodation in the Kocakaplan, this year, the ski slope was done by reminding that everyone invited to ski at Nemrut Ski Center.

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