Konya train arrives while waiting for Pendik-Adapazarı commuter train

📩 01/12/2018 16:07

While waiting for Pendik-Adapazarı suburban train, Konya train arrived: High Speed ​​Train service starts between Istanbul and Konya. Konya, which will be held twice a day, will stop at Izmit.

Kocaeli people, TCDD until the end of this month to work between Pendik-Adapazari trains were waiting for suburban trains. No news from the commuter train. However, there will be a high speed train service between Pendik and Konya. Pendik-Konya trains, will make two times a day. Four trains will stop in Izmit.

High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights in the Pendik-Konya route will start Prime Minister Davutoğlu in Konya tomorrow. YHT from Konya to Pendik will move every morning at 07.10. This train will arrive at Izmit in 07.56. Izmit-Konya 3.5 will be taken hourly. The train will arrive in Konya at 11.24. From Pendik to Konya, YHT will move to 18.30 and will arrive at Izmit in 19.16. This train will be in Konya at 22.48. The first train of the day from Konya to Istanbul will depart at 06.10. This train is in 09.41 in Izmit. Konya's second YHT expedition will be lifted at 18.35. This train is calculated to reach Izmit every day at 22.10. Konya-Istanbul YHT voyages will be announced tomorrow the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, Pendik-Ankara YHT flights were changed during the hours. All YHTs from Istanbul to Ankara will stop in Gebze. In the morning the first and evening trains will not stop in Izmit again. YHT from Istanbul to Ankara direction will move from Izmit to 11.22-13.37-15.06 every day. YHT from Ankara to Istanbul moved from Izmit to 11.56-17.13-18.23.

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