How many people traveled on the Konya - Istanbul YHT line?

How many people traveled on the Konya-Istanbul YHT line: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave the good news at the historical ceremony where Konya-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train services were launched and the voyages were carried out free of charge for the first week. How many people traveled between Konya, the capital of civilizations, and Istanbul in this week? How much are the ticket prices on returning flights?

It was expected for a long time, the opening of which was of great importance for Konya, 17 was held in December. Journey time Up to 12 hours The distance between Konya and Istanbul was reached by 4 hour 15 minutes by High Speed ​​Train.

At the opening of this line, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave the glad tidings to the people of Konidi, during the week, that the line will be free of charge.

Free tickets were sold shortly after the announcement.


The high-speed train that served as the 2 return on the day between Konya and Istanbul 2 has carried a thousand 600 people daily for a week free of charge.

Between two cities in one week 11 thousand 200 people were traveling free of charge.


On the high speed train which offers comfortable, fast and safe travel, Konya-Istanbul flights will be charged at normal rates as of December.


In the High Speed ​​train, which has reached an important occupancy rate as well as wages, the full ticket was determined as 85 and the full type of tickets were determined as 119 lira. Passengers with different groups will be able to travel at a discount of 20, 7-12 for children aged over 65 and 50 at a discounted rate of XNUMX.

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