9 Mileage Asphalt Work Performed 134 Monthly at Kepez

9 Mileage Asphalt Study was carried out in Kepez 134 Monthly: The teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs of Kepez Municipality carried out 9 miles asphalt on the 44 month and 90 km asphalt on the surface of the 134 kilometers.
Kepez Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, 01 05 mileage in various neighborhoods between April and 20 the new way to open the way to the citizen's use, 9 thousand square meters of concrete pavement per month 10 thousand square meters of paving, 33 thousand square meters of parquet pavement, 3 thousand meters culvert, 72 meter road maintenance and repair study was carried out. 7 was built in the neighborhood of the headman service house. Kepez Municipality 9 a month in the work done in the science business 41 million 144 thousand pounds were announced.
In the 2015 year, the Directorate of Science Affairs took 100 thousand hot asphalt work to the investment program, and after the asphalt work, the superstructure and superstructure works were completed, in the factories, Yükseliş and Atatürk neighborhoods, in Güneş Caddesi in Sütçüler district. Göçerler Masadağı'nda opened on the new road and reported that Hamdi Yazir Street will be made. In the 2015 neighborhoods, 100 km surface covering asphalt and 100 thousand square meters of parquet paving service will be taken.
Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü's 1. 5 Mileage New Road, 370 Mileage Asphalt, 755 Mileage Asphalt, 464 Mileage Hot Asphalt, Xnumx Xnumx Meter Street Market Floor, Xnumx Xnumx Meter 2 837 Meter School Yard With Xnumx Xnumx Meter 7 thousand meters of rainbow drainage, 648 thousand meters of rain water drainage, 10 pieces with the headquarters of pavement, 499 pieces was said to have completed the work of 10 pieces taxi stand.

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