Between Samsun-Ankara Railroads are Elzemdir

Samsun-Ankara to make the railway between the Elzemdir: Yeşilyurt Port Operations Manager Ali Arif Aytaç, Samsun-Sivas Railway line will be closed for a period of 32 months between Samsun-Ankara once again revealed that it was essential to establish a direct rail between the railway.

Yeşilyurt Port Management Manager Ali Arif Aytaç stated that the closure of the Samsun-Sivas Railway line for 32 months will affect the preferences of importers and exporters, and said that Samsun will be a victim during this period.

Aytaç; “The railway between Sivas goes by winding like a snake and it is around 10 hours between Samsun and Sivas. The load is handled two or three times at this distance. Moreover, the freight goes to Kayseri via Sivas and comes back to Ankara from Kayseri. There has been a direct railway construction project between Samsun and Ankara for years. Loaded into wagons directly from the load port logistics advantages that can not be discussed in Ankara able to go from there to other parts of Turkey. If you carry 20-25 tons of cargo with a truck, you can carry 20 trucks with a locomotive train. What it says for the passenger is the same in public transport freight. Imagine transporting 700-800 tons of cargo by a train, but by truck. But road transport is preferred from Samsun so that the freight reaches its destination quickly. " said.

Pointing out that the lack of profitability of the Samsun-Sivas railway had a negative impact on the whole city, Aytaç; “If there was a direct railway between Samsun and Ankara, costs would decrease considerably and Samsun will be a port city that importers and exporters will prefer more. This project, which has existed for years, could not be realized. It was if he could get loads can be implemented in Turkey to the south to the north during the same calendar day olacaktı.demiryol is an integral part of the harbor. Freight that can be directly loaded onto wagons from ships will be able to reach their address as soon as possible. He said in the form.



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