International Railways Union Meets in Paris

International Railways Union Meets in Paris: International Railways Association (UIC) 's 19. European Regional Board, Executive Board and 85. General Assembly meetings were held in 3 December 2014 in Paris. The delegation headed by TCDD Chairman and General Manager Süleyman KARAMAN attended the meeting.
Development of Quality Management System as a support for the improvement of project management processes, Railway Standardization Strategy and so on. In the meetings where the issues were discussed, the ”Challenge 2013 hazırlanan document prepared in the 2050 was prepared, followed by the X Railway Technical Strategy” prepared after the publication of the “Policy Recommendations for Political Tasks for the 2014-2019 Period top prepared by CER. In the framework of the development of existing existing railway systems and acting as an integrated system, a decision was taken to develop significant strategic support in the field of standardization.
The online data collection and access to data system within the UIC, RAILISIA has been reactivated, the information update for the Shift²Rail project is part of the ERRAC-European Railway Research Advisory Council, which was established in 2001 and aimed to make the European Railway Sector more competitive and more stimulating. The latest developments, Standardization issues were also discussed in cooperation with CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization).
As Chairman of the Regional Council of Suleyman Karaman Middle East, UIC President and General Director of Russian Railways Mr. Yaku, UIC General Manager Mr. Loubinox, Chairman of the AFRICAN Regional Council. Khlie (General Director of Moroccan Railways), Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Regional Board S. Seino (Eastern Japan Railways President), European Regional Board Chairman M.Elia (Italian Railways CEO), Latin America Regional Board Chairman Quintella (President of Brazilian Railways) Vanderclute (President of US Railways), CEO of SNCB (Belgium) Cornu, CEO of DB (Germany) Grube, CEO of INFRABEL (Belgium) Lallemand, CEO of SNCF (France) Pepy and RENFE (Spain) met with CEO Vasquez-Vega and made evaluations on the work and administrative issues within the UIC.
The studies of the UIC Standardization Platform at the Executive Board and the 85th General Assembly meetings, the studies on the conversion of UIC Plugs (2014 pieces) to the IRS-International Railway Standard in 10, in this context, the cooperation with the OSJD and IEC / ISO on the 1520 grid system, IRRB - The work carried out by the International Railway Research Board, the establishment of a Special Group within the scope of the studies for the adoption of the RIC as a multilateral contract, which regulates the exchange and use of Passenger Wagons in International Traffic, to draw attention to the low carbon railway transportation within the scope of the studies conducted with the United Nations general information on COP21 Train, a series of events and campaigns, budget results and forecasts for 2014 and 2015, news from regional boards, extension of the term of office of UIC President, Vice President and General Manager, UIC Safety Platform, Budget & Audit Committee appointments, new memberships, suspension of memberships and withdrawal from membership were discussed. In 2015, it was decided to hold a series of events at the UIC Regional Boards. It was emphasized that one of the most important among these is the Bussiness and Investors' Forum, which will be held in Istanbul in September 2015 with the cooperation of TCDD and UIC.
In addition to these meetings, Süleyman KARAMAN, who is the General Director of TCDD and also President of UIC RAME (Middle East Regional Council), with the delegations headed by Salah Al Louzi, General Director of Jordan's Hijaz Railways (JHR) and Mohammad Khalid Al-Suwaiket, President of Saudi Arabia Railways (SRO) bilateral meetings. During the meetings, TCDD-JHR and TCDD-SRO have developed ways to improve their existing relations and cooperation, in this context, SRO's visits to TCDD for the trainings that SRO needs, the importance of the effectiveness of the railways in the RAME and the steps to be taken to improve it were discussed.


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