Junction study within the Eurasian Tunnel changed traffic flow

The intersection study within the Eurasian Tunnel changed the flow of traffic: the intersection work within the Eurasian Tunnel begins today. Traffic, Samatya entrance from the traffic lights will be given to the direction of Yenikapı preferential way.
Final steps are being taken within the scope of the Eurasia Tunnel Project, which will cross the Bosphorus by road tube passage. In this context, work will begin today for the construction of roads and intersections in Samatya.
According to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the work carried out by the Regional Directorate of Highways will start at Samatya crossroads.
The traffic flow between Samatya and Yenikapı will be temporarily changed due to the construction of the road and intersection in the direction of Sahil Kennedy Caddesi - Bakırköy - Yenikapı. Instead of the two lanes that will be closed during the works, the vehicles will use the preferred road.
From the traffic lights at the entrance of Samatya, the traffic towards Yenikapı will be given on the preferred route starting from 2:02.00 on December 1. The 6st stage works are planned to be completed within XNUMX months.
On the other hand, under the supervision of the General Directorate of Highways, the XNUMXst Regional Directorate, "construction works for the renewal of pedestrian barriers" will be carried out on the bridges and viaducts on the highways and connection roads between Edirne Kapıkule-Mahmutbey and Mahmutbey-Çamlıca-Gümüşova.
According to the statement made by the Provincial Directorate of Press and Public Relations of the Governorship of Istanbul, it was stated that the pedestrian barriers on the bridges and viaducts between Mahmutbey West Junction and Çobançeşme Junction and Mahmutbey East Junction and Anatolian Motorway Junction will be renewed within the scope of the said works.
During the works, the bridge between the North direction (Istanbul-Edirne direction) of the O2 Motorway (Istanbul-Edirne direction) and the southern transport direction (Edirne-Istanbul direction), the safety lanes in the viaducts and overpasses, and the right lanes when necessary, the upper part of the O3 Connection Road (Basın Express Road) It was noted that the right lanes would be closed to traffic with the safety lane at the crossings when necessary.
The statement includes the following statements:
“The works, which are planned to be completed on February 28, 2015, will be carried out by taking all necessary safety precautions and making traffic signs every day when the traffic is low. Studies will be organized in a way that traffic flow will be provided according to the exam hours, taking into account the exam days. "
The statement also stated that drivers should adhere to the traffic signs and markers on the road meticulously.

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