90 Student Read a Book on the Tram

90 Student Read a Book in the Tram: Within the scope of the 'Timeless and non-local readings' event of the ANADOLU Youth Association (AGD) Antalya Branch, the 90 student read the book at the stops first and then at the tram.

90 students studying in different schools all over Turkey within the scope of activities carried out simultaneously, books read in the tram and bus stops. Students traveling on the tram with the books, citizens have encountered intense interest. In order to increase the awareness of reading books, they organized an activity called 'Timeless and non-spatial readings'. AGD Antalya Branch President Ahmet Pişirici said: Today, young people studying in the square came down. We organized this event to raise the awareness of reading and to draw attention to the importance of reading. Our young people on the tram, bus, street or mosque everywhere can be read the book showed. The event will set an example for our country, which has a very low reading level. Etkinlik

Among the curious gaze of the people who read the books for a while, then dissipated.


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