5 million tons of oil per year

Road transport consumes 5 million tons of oil have 75 years: TURKEY, worth $ 2009 billion between 2013-51 were in the road transport consumes about 75 million tons of oil. Including sea, air and rail, the total amount of oil used in transportation in 5 years increased by 44 percent. This increase corresponds to 21 million 279 thousand tons of oil.
Turkey In the 2009-2013 5 year period covering the road transport 51 75 billion dollars worth approximately tüketildi.türkiye million tons of oil in 2009-2013 5 million in total 74 year period covering the road transport 967 400 thousand tons of oil were consumed. The approximate value of 75 million oil used for transportation was calculated as 51 billion dollars.
Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Statistical Institute with the Ministry (TSI), according to information compiled from data, 2013 25 percent as of the end of the increased number of registered vehicles in traffic reached 17 939 thousand xnumx'y million. The amount of oil consumed as fuel in highway transportation is 447 million 2009 thousand tons in 12, 516 million 2013 thousand tons of 56 at the end of the 19 577 thousand tons. noted and 5 million 44 was calculated as one thousand tons. 21 279 5 million 83 million 728 100 90 total amount of consumption per year was recorded. The amount of oil used on highways in this amount was about 74, the amount of 967 million 400 thousand 10 thousand tons. The remaining XNUMX part was consumed on air, sea and rail transportation and pipelines.


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