3. they invented for the airport

  1. for the airport: 3. the discovery of the airport to the end of the catastrophe disasters. EMK Group has developed a propulsion damper for trucks which cannot open the damper in clay and hard terrain.
    The construction of the 3rd Airport, which is expected to be the largest airport in the world, has already created business opportunities with high added value for hundreds of SMEs. SMEs that make software and investments in many fields that require high engineering have achieved a business volume of millions of dollars. The most striking name among these companies was EMK Damper. The company has developed a 'push dump', the first in the world, for trucks that tip over or are unable to work due to clayey terrain in the region. Thanks to the invention, the frequent overpasses that have been experienced in recent years will also come to an end. Emphasizing that the dumper opened due to rough terrain can overturn the truck, EMK Group Chairman Osman Uslu said, “We have done 2 years of R&D with dozens of engineers and academicians to solve this problem. Finally, we succeeded. Thus, the third airport also led to a very important discovery. He states that the invention is revolutionary in the mining industry ”. Thanks to this invention, the company started production in three shifts.
    We do not hear criticism from the machine!
    Adding that he is working day and night in the field, Uslu continued as follows: “We have achieved very important successes as a local company. The third airport gave us the right to both prove and take our knowledge and experience to the next level. The negative reviews are not heard from the machine noise here, believe me. Everyone is working with all their strength and faith. "

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