3. The silhouette of the bridge will be seen in January

  1. Silhouette of the bridge will be seen in January: Transport Minister Elvan, 10 4 will increase the speed of at least 2015 will be passed at the end said. Minister Elvan on traffic in Istanbul van We have an 3 project to ease the traffic. Those who want to go to Thrace from Central Anatolia will no longer go through Istanbul. Orta
    Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan, 2015 will be moved to the end of 4G'ye said.
    Minister Elvan ile 4G is a guest on a TV program. RTÜK has a frequency currently in use. We wanted to evacuate the part we call 800 frequency, from RTÜK. If this happens, the frequencies required for 4G will be ready.
    We will also give the companies a certain amount of time to prepare. 800, 900, 1800 and 2600 will be the spectrum of megahertzlik. Currently, Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) continues to work very intensively. However, we will move to 2015G towards the end of 4. Ancak Elvan, mobile phones from the Internet to enter the 10 times faster said. Elvan stated that there would be an arrangement on the internet for rural areas. Inda When the tender is going to be an arrangement for urban centers, there will be regulation for rural areas. The studies are continuing. I also think that the companies are already preparing for 4G. Özellikle
    3 project for Istanbul
    Minister Elvan, from time to time has turned into a lot of Istanbul's traffic to relieve the work told. Elvan, who explained that there is an 3 project that is currently being studied for Istanbul traffic, explained the details of the projects as follows: anlat We are taking another relaxing measure in the traffic of Istanbul except Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Marmaray and Avrasya Tube Passage. Especially in the Aegean Region, those who are transporting from Trakya to a certain part of Central Anatolia and those who are traveling abroad or who want to go with their cars by bus, we want to reach Trakya without coming to Istanbul and they want to make their international departures. This will significantly reduce the traffic of Istanbul. We started a serious study on this. As of the end of 2015, we will open the highway from Dilovasi to Bursa.
    By the end of 2015 you will also be on the highway from Izmir to Kemalpasa. We are currently working. With the Build-Operate-Transfer model, we made the tender for the portion from Sakarya-Akyazı to Paşaköy. Again from Odayeri to Tekirdağ-Kınalı, we will do this with the Build-Operate-State model. We are building a new highway a little further north than the motorway and E-5. Especially from Sakarya and Kocaeli to Istanbul, there is incredible traffic density. We want to relieve the traffic here. Burada
    Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Paşaköy'den Odayeri'a going 95 km North Marmara Motorway 29 October 2015 Elvan said öy Both our bridge and highway will be opened. At the foot of the bridge we crossed the 300 meter, the bridge foot height will be 320 meters. The silhouette of the bridge will be seen next month. Ön The world's largest 4. Elvan pointed out that the works on the Gulf Bridge, which is a suspension bridge, are progressing rapidly. ı We will see the silhouette of the Gulf Crossing Bridge, which will download Istanbul-Yalova between 6 minutes, in March. 2015 will eventually open, X he said.
    When Elvan is completed, he will be the world's largest airport. the airport continued to work. Elvan said m The work of the consortium that is going to make the airport is ground investigation and drilling work. Et The studies continue very intensively. On the other hand, the consortium continues to purchase vehicles. There is no problem such as 'financial difficulties in finding loans'. At the moment there are cuttings that are especially slime, there are places where the ground is really bad. They offer solutions for how to improve these segments. Studies are going well, there is no distress. A distinctive silhouette will be seen towards the end of 3. Her Minister Elvan, 2015. Ataturk Airport will be needed especially for non-tariff flights even if the airport is completed. Responding to speculation about the name of the new airport, Elvan said: mi I will be given the name of our president. He've always felt the AK Party and our nation as we are always behind us and what our nation is doing well, our Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has seen very well from where he brought what point. Of course I say befitting. Elbette
    Regarding the Eurasian Tube Passage, Elvan explained that they reached 1.500 meters under the Sea of ​​Marmara. X The last time we went with the Prime Minister was 920 meters. If we include other open / close tunnels, the tunnel operation near the 3 mileage is finished. Completion time 2017 but we are trying to grow to the end of 2016 Tamam he said.
    Elvan, describing the railway projects, is from Kapıkule Çerkezköyto start production by using the EU funds in 2015'e said. Elvan 'A high-speed train from Ankara to Sivas and the train from Sivas to Kars will be a high-speed train. Currently, the train from Ankara to Sivas goes to 12 an hour. We're dropping it to 2. We will endeavor to finish at 2016 X.

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