3. Sarıyer Municipality is cleaning the bridge

  1. Sarıyer Municipality is cleaning: 3. Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project in the Uskumruköy neighborhood during the work carried out by the earthmoving trucks on the road or wheels as a result of adhering to the highway by throwing traffic at risk and causing slippery ground sludge, Sarıyer Municipality teams are cleaned.
    During the construction works carried out by IC İçtaş Construction Industry and Trade Inc. and Astaldi SPA Partnership, the Municipality of Sarıyer made the determination of the sludge on the asphalt along the route extending from the construction site to the dump site and provided the necessary cleanliness of the road. However, Sarıyer Municipality teams, who referred cleaning vehicles to the region and put illuminated warning signs on the entrance and exit of the construction site, also gave written notice to the construction company officials about cleaning the wheels of excavation vehicles without leaving the construction site.
    Sarıyer Municipality, which shows a great responsibility for the elimination of the possible accident risk of the vehicle drivers who use the road route, has not cooperated with the road washing and cleaning works and has cooperated with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Urban Planning and Urban Planning and the District Gendarmerie Command to take necessary measures. has eliminated the shortage of transportation.
    In addition, other construction companies operating in the boundaries of the district have carried out criminal proceedings due to road pollution they have made during excavation transportation, and the risk of accidents caused by those companies has been eliminated with the diligent work of the teams.


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