3. 3 private bank with 3 public bank for the airport 4,5 to give billion euros

  1. 3 3 airport with public banks to private banks to give 4,5 billion euros: Bloomberg broadcasting from the United States, "the three private banks and three state-owned banks in Turkey, will be held in Istanbul 3. announces ası to provide a loan of approximately 4,5 billion Euros for the first phase of the airport project. According to Bloomberg, the approach of the state banks to the project, which is expected to cost 10,3 billion Euros, is Bloom President Tayyip Erdoğan's 3. shows the importance it gives to the airport. ına
    In Bloomberg.com Ercan Ersoy and Isobel Finkel's "imagined community in Istanbul Airport, are to receive the largest loan in Turkey" published under the title story, summarized as follows:
    Olm In 2020, the third airport in Istanbul, which is intended to be one of the world's largest capacity airports, reduces the number of banks to finance the project. loans taken from banks for projects coming months, Turkey may be the largest corporate credit.
    According to the claim of four people who are aware of this situation, three public banks and three private banks, including the Ziraat and Halk Bank banks, are about to provide around 4,5 billion for the first phase of the project. One of the project financiers, Denizbank CEO Hakan Ateş, 17 said in June, X Approximately 10 bank was considered at the beginning of this year Proje.
    The attitude of state banks may indicate the importance of the project for Tayyip Erdoğan.
    Erdogan wants to turn Istanbul into a transportation center because it will contribute to its competition with its rivals in the Middle East and Europe.
    Apolos Bantis, a credit analyst at Commerzbank in Dubai, spoke on the phone yesterday (4 December 2014):
    Bu The fact that a group of three public banks and six Turkish banks took such a risk shows that there are some political motivations to become a financier for this project. Turkey's largest banks, six of which concern over the fact that the financial continuity of the project makes this process and speculation should go. "
    Mehmet Cengiz Cengiz Holding's administrator, in November 22 "financier of the project is scheduled to be banks in Turkey," he said.
    Yapı Kredi Bank and Garanti Bank, Turkey Foundations Bank financiers group is participating in the state-run to completion, but were told that this was a special subject of the talks, which discussed. In addition, the information provided by the three people "Ziraat Bank has the biggest share in providing finance, while Garanti has the smallest share".
    Both sources said that N 15 of the loan, which is planned to be at least 4 year-term, may be a grace period of years. İki The 3 said that the financing package could be completed in January.
    Turkey is investing in aviation infrastructure to support Turkish Airlines. Thus, it will be able to compete with air transport in Europe. Heathrow in London is the third largest airport after Beijing and Atlanta; According to Airports Council International, 2013 has carried 72 million passengers over the year. While the traffic in the Atatürk Airport increased by 14 last year, 51 climbed to 18 with a million passengers. In Dubai, 66 million passengers are transported annually.
    Total cost 10,3 billion euros
    According to Nihat Özdemir, director of Limak Holding A.Ş., one of the Turkish construction company 5, which signed a contract for airport construction and operation last year, 3. the airport is estimated to cost 10.3 billion euros. According to the web site of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI), the airport will be commissioned with an annual capacity of 2018 million 90 from 150. In the final stage, the airport will serve XNUMX million passengers.
    Ziraat's spokesman, Ali Kırbaş, affirmed the existence of the initiative to provide finance coordinated by the state. A spokesman for Yapı Kredi refused to comment.

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