2015 will open the 128 km tunnel

We will open a 2015-kilometer tunnel in 128: "We will open a 2015-kilometer tunnel in 128," said Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan, 'We 2014 and 2015 years as a ministry' tunnel year 'we have declared. We only built 2014 kilometers in 119. Turkey's checksum xnumx't until the 1923 2003 kilometer length of the tunnel. We've made 50 mileage tunnels a year. 119'de 2015 kilometers of tunnel will be opened 'he said.
During his visit to Bartın Governor's office, Elvan has watered the pine saplings planted in his own account and signed the honorary book.
Elvan met with the Governor Seyfettin Azizoglu, in his speech here, for years, especially in the Black Sea from the north to the south to open new descent corridors and the connection of the Black Sea coast of the issue can not be addressed for years, he said.
Elvan stated that they started to realize the projects that cannot be included in the scope of the projects with the AK Party governments since the end of 2003.
'We declared 2014 and 2015 the 'tunnel year' as a ministry. We built 2014 kilometers of tunnels in 119 alone. From 1923 to 2003, Turkey's total tunnel length is 50 kilometers. We built 119 kilometers of tunnels in one year. In 2015, we will open a 128-kilometer tunnel. Today, we will open the tunnel, which reduces the distance of 30 minutes to 5 minutes in Bartın. An important event for Bartın and Turkey. kazanim. We still have divided road works going on. We have only one road works. We follow these efforts closely. Currently, we have studies in every province of our country. We have around 2 thousand 200 construction sites in Turkey. I say this for our tunnels. Our tunnel works continue 24 hours a day, summer and winter. What is needed in such a beautiful geography and in our important tourism center is that the transportation infrastructure is alive.
If you want to talk about development and development in a province, it is a must-have transport infrastructure. '
We make the world's second huge tunnel
Elvan pointed out that they are continuing their investments in highways, and that 2014 and 2015 have mainly transferred their funds to the tunnels.
'We are making the world's second huge tunnel' Elvan said, 'a route that connects the Black Sea to Eastern Anatolia, then to the Southeast and Mardin. We're tunneling a total of approximately 30 kilometers. 30 is doing mileage when there is double tunnel. 14,7 is a single tube of kilometers and we have now crossed the level of 50. No matter what city you go to, you see new tunnels. This is Turkey's progress and development is one of the most important indicators' he said.
'Imported mobile phones are expected to be taxed. Elvan, on the question of what is being done in domestic production, what is being done about it?
'We currently have domestic production companies. The ultra-modern, 'smart' phone production, but we can say that they are performing the way we look at the ratio of approximately checksum 8-9 percent of mobile phone sales in Turkey met with local manufactured mobile phones. This is not enough for us. We want to raise this ratio. Last year we only paid for import 2,7 billion dollars, for mobile phone. It is natural that our current account deficit, especially considering where the encouragement of mobile phone production in Turkey will positively help our current account deficit. In this respect, the Ministry of Economy will make labor, but in particular, we will give R & D studies for information and communication technologies in the ministry in excess of serious support from 2015.
We have allocated 1 billion pounds. There will be money in the way of grant support.

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