17.5 Million Passengers Moved in Existing High Speed ​​Lines

It Moved 17.5 million passengers in the current Speed ​​Train Line: the network woven by Turkey iron. Approximately one thousand 500 projects for iron networks, including the National Train Project, railway renovation and logistics center construction works are being carried out simultaneously.

Turkey, Ankara-Eskisehir line 2009 in the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), beginning the business world in this field in the sixth, the eighth country in Europe. Then, Ankara-Konya in 2011, Konya-Eskişehir in 2013, 25 in July 2014 in Ankara-Istanbul YHT line Eskişehir Istanbul (Pendik) section was opened.

Up to now, the 17 500 thousand passengers traveled on these lines. In the near future, it is aimed to travel annually 10 million passengers only with YHT between Ankara and Istanbul.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 16:05

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