12 Country to be interconnected by road

12 Country will be interconnected by road: The Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC) Turkish Group President and Ordu Deputy İhsan Şener asked the member countries to intensify the works for the implementation of the 7 bin 700 kilometers-long Black Sea Ring Road project and the sea route project.
Black Sea highway project through the Black Sea located around Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, projects with countries such as Bulgaria will connect land on the Black Sea coast without Greece, Albania, Serbia, countries such as Armenia and Azerbaijan also by building their own lines will be included.
Reminding that it is the signature of 12 BSEC countries in the Black Sea highway project, AK Party Army Deputy Şener said, “Trade and transportation will increase with this line that will reach 7 thousand 700 km. Turkey, in particular the Black Sea will also have the effect of doping on the tourism economy. Tourists from the countries in the region can easily reach the entire Black Sea by road. The completion of the Black Sea ring road and the development of sea routes will contribute greatly to our region. ”
Stating that the internal conflicts in the region can be ended with the project, Şener said, “It will enable the people of the region to get to know each other better and to get closer. We need to realize concrete projects that will make the organization benefit from this organization in the daily lives of our peoples who will increase the effectiveness of the BSEC and the PABSEC. We will intensify studies in this direction in the coming period. ”



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