When the Ordu Ring Road is Completed, it will cost 1.1 Billion TL

When the Ordu Ring Road is Completed, it will cost 1.1 Billion TL: In Ordu, a large investment is being made, bearing the signature of Turkish engineers, in the rugged and difficult geographical conditions of the Black Sea Region.
In Ordu, under the rough and difficult geographic conditions of the Black Sea Region, a big investment bearing the signature of Turkish engineers is signed. 23 will cost 1 billion 100 billion when construction of the XNUMX km-long Ordu Ring Road, which has been under construction for two years and will be crossed by tunnels under the mountains, will be completed.
Turkey made the sea Ordu-Giresun Airport is the first airport in the Black Sea-Mediterranean situated between major projects and urban traffic route 'work in progress with the Army in the Army Ring Road will ease considerably. 15 The construction of the 2012 km-long Boztepe and Öceli Tunnels was completed in Ordu Ring Road on the 6 of July. In the road works where construction of the Tailor's tunnel is still continuing, 20 km of 9 km will be composed of tunnels.
Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, Turkey's longest tunnel, and having significantly contribute to Turkey's economy, which will provide the Army Ring Road construction in the investigations found.
Nurol Construction Member of the Board of Directors Bülent Erdoğan and Environment Road Manager Naci Asilkazancı'dan receiving information from the Yilmaz, said in a statement following the investigation, the Army is built on the Black Sea's geographical environment under difficult geographical conditions, he said. Yilmaz, or 23 km on the route of the total length of the 9 km tunnels are located. Due to the geographical conditions of the Black Sea, there is a soft soil texture in the region. 30 meters per day in the period of the beginning of the tunnel work, while the 50 inches per day can be taken today. Therefore, a work done with a needle by digging well with a needle is done. Our Ministry of Transport closely follows this investment. Ulaştırma
Yilmaz, on the Ordu Ring Road said that the cost of the project was increased because of the difficult geographical conditions.
Yilmaz, the end point of the Ordu Peripheral Road project is going to change and this part will be tender as the second stage, he said. Mayor Yılmaz said, or With this amendment, we are passing through the Valley of the Turnasuyu and taking it to the coast road near Divani. This was a pretty big job. In this addition, viaducts, bridges and intersections entered. This added part will be awarded as the second stage and the project will be completed. The cost of the cost of the Army Ring Road was determined as 650 million TL. Today, the investment is expected to cost 1 billion 100 million pounds. One of Turkey's most important and prestigious project which we consider that the Ordu-Giresun Airport 270 million pounds of goods to the Army Ring Road, will be at the airport 4 times the cost. Construction firms that signed the Black Sea coast road to Turkey's prestige project Marmaray, Istanbul-Istanbul highway construction that is one of the strongest companies, "he said.
The district of Ordu will leave the Akcaova River and pass through the tunnel from the bottom of Boztepe and pass through the viaduct on the Ordu Ring Road, the Sivas River and Sivas. With the completion of the 23-kilometer-long Army Peripheral Road, the 45 10 26.5 will take a minute. With the project will be saved annually XNUMX million pounds.

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