Development plans of Antalya West Ring Road were accepted

The development plans of the Antalya West Ring Road were accepted: The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council accepted the Western Ring Road's 5 bin and 25 thousand scale development plans. According to the plans adopted, the road between the Karaman River and the Çandır Stream and the 800 hectare area on both sides of the thousand 160 meters, which cannot be completed due to private properties, is now open to the reconstruction. The plans, however, do not include the railway, which is planned to pass through the region.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's November parliamentary meeting was held in the conference hall of Antalya Water and Waste Water Administration (ASAT). After the poll, the Assembly, the agenda items can not pass, the opposition between the AK Party was the scene of the debate. The ongoing discussions with mutual promises took 1 hours 40 minutes. The discussion of the remaining items of the agenda, except for the polling, was completed in 1 hours 30 minutes. Many of the agenda items were read and accepted from the relevant commissions as they were transferred.
Among the items adopted by the Assembly were the Western Ring Road's 5 bin and 25 thousand scale development plans. During the discussions of the items in the 12 and 13 of the agenda, Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, who chaired the meeting, left his place to Ahmet Büyükakça, deputy head of the hall. Mayor of Konyaalti Muhittin Böcek took the floor and said, es I couldn't give any meaning to Menderes Türel going out on such an important issue. I wonder if there is a hesitation, a problem we do not know? Edd he asked.
Although there was a group decision, some CHP members did not participate in the vote of the items. Irfan Yilmaz, the MHP, the question of the plans, planned to be made in the region did not cover the railway. 1,8 hectare area development on both sides of the 160 kilometer-long road was approved by the majority of the members of the ruling and opposition parties despite the abstention of İrfan Yılmaz of MHP.

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