Rain Water D-650 Passed to Highway

Rain Water D-650 Highway Pass: The rain water flowing into the highway around Dereköy Village in the town of Geyve in Sakarya was almost like a large waterfall.
As a result of heavy rainfall in the upper parts of Bağlarbaşı village, rainwater drainage system was not done correctly and it was directly passed to D-650 highway. Those images were followed by astonishment. While the inhabitants of the village have the old road, the flood waters reach the Sakarya river with the canals, but the construction of the D-650 highway as a double road is completed. After the flood waters in the region were filled with water, the drivers had a hard time.
As a result of the transfer of the troubles to the authorities, the new drainage channel and the existing stone wall at the side of the highway have been upgraded to raise the 50 cm.

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