US failed to catch China and EU in high speed train area

The USA could not catch China and the EU in the field of high-speed train: The US, which aims to speed up the trains in the country and spends $ 11 billion, is still not able to catch China and the EU in this area.

The US President Obama has not been able to succeed in his plan yet.
Although the 2009 billion dollars (11 billion TL) were spent in the project, which has been criticized by the opposition since the 35, the US has not been able to capture China and the European Union (EU) in this area.

The project, which has been launched for faster trains and has not been successful yet, has been the target of criticism in the country for some time now. For the project in July, the government, which demands an additional budget of 10 billion dollars from the Congress, is accused of taking wrong steps by some experts.

The division of the resources spent for the project and the fact that a part of it is spent in the modernization of the existing system is seen as one of the wrong decisions. According to experts, a portion of the budget transferred to the old site trains, the maximum 110 miles per hour (177 km) can go fast.

Instead, the entire budget must be spent for the construction of a new system, he said, noting that the United States is far behind the EU and China.

In China, which has the world's longest high-speed rail network with 11,028 km, high-speed trains travel an average speed of 200 km per hour. In some EU member countries, the fastest trains are able to reach 320 km per hour.



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