Uludag 'a snow early, bookings fell fast

Uludag 'a snow early, bookings rained fast: one of the favorite centers of skiing and winter tourism, the so-called merkez white heaven, tur Uludag, the early thought of profit, bookings in facilities quickened without opening the season.

With the exception of public guesthouses, the 22 special accommodation facility in the first and second residential areas has approximately 6 bin bed capacity in Uludag, and December reservations have already found 50-60. 15-20 winter season is planned to begin in December in the hotels in Uludag 100 fullness of the year is expected to be reached.

Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) South Marmara Region Executive Board Chairman Mehmet Akkus, AA said in a statement to reporters, he Uludag this year's net profit early fall and the "hotel zone" in the said get centimeters 35 of the snow.

Uludağ'a earlier this year, falling snow, brought reservations also emphasized Akkus, said:

Dı This year, very early reservations were made in Uludağ due to early snowfall. According to requests from our agents, we currently have only 50-60 occupancy in December. Last year we had a misfortune, misfortune. There was no snow in Uludağ at the beginning of the year, there were no cancellations. This made us very sad, but we are getting very nice bookings with the arrival of the snow early and Uludag becoming a very beautiful attraction. On New Year's Eve, I hope that if God bless him, we will get a full 100 fullness in Uludağ. I don't think there will be a gap. Olac

- ”We have started to receive very serious reservations from the Middle East -

The region's skiing and winter tourism center not only in Bursa, Turkey is the brand name describing Akkus and they try to become a world brand, Uludag emphasized that the increased interest of foreign tourists in recent years.

Foreign tourists in the profile of this year, which attracts attention and interesting in the past years, visiting more summer in the summer, this time the Arab tourists who will show the winter season Akkus, said the following evaluations:

I Formerly our Uludağ was really focusing on Russian tourism, coming more than Russia and Ukraine. This year we started to receive very serious reservations from the Middle East. In other words, we talked about Uludağ, our Arab guests in the Middle East. We told the lift. We told them that they would go up to the 'hotels area' by the cable car. In other words, when we boarded the city center of Bursa, we told him that the ropeway would be reached until his hotel in Uludağ. These were very attractive to the Arabs. That's why we are getting very good demands on the Middle East right now. O

Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, especially in the Middle East countries that make a reservation to tourists who know Bursa, which expresses Akkus, Uludag, now more Arab tourists will be seen.

Akkus, this year's Christmas and the high school holiday expectations in the half-year voicing, adding that if they continue this way, the snowfall is full of predicted that the season will be spent.

- 15-20 All hotels will be opened in December

Southern Marmara Tourism and Hotel Operators Association (GUMTOB) President Haluk Beceren said that snowfall in Uludag started one week earlier this year compared to previous years, but the hotels have not opened their doors for customer acceptance yet.

"The season will start 15-20 in December and all of the accommodation facilities will begin to serve," said Beceren. "If we can raise it, we will open the 1-2 mechanical facility by the end of this week."

Beceren said that reservations at hotels in Uludag have been accelerating with snowfall and that they are receiving reservations from Russia, Ukraine and Arab countries, as well as local tourists.

The snow thickness in the la Hotels region lığı has reached 35 centimeters after the rainfall which has been effective for the last one week. 5 under the night at night and the 4 in the day is measured in the region, 29 snowfall from November will show the effect again. Uludag, 27 stands out as the region with the highest snow thickness among the ski resorts as of November.

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