Three times hand shifted and the XTM railway project spent on 1 billion remained unfinished

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BTK railway project, which has been changed three times and spent 1 billion, remained unfinished: The tender puzzle that left Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway construction half-finished was reflected in the TCA reports.

Turkey-kilometer leg of the 2008 76 Basic thrown by the three presidents in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line stopped because of the bidding system. The project of the century, which will revive the historical silk road with iron nets, has been awarded to 290 million liras. However, the tender was repeated twice and three times the money spent, but it was still not over.

According to the news of Isa Sezen from Zaman, the scandals that abandoned the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway construction, which is expected to be completed in 2011, were reflected in the reports of the Court of Accounts. Özgün-Çelikler Yapı consortium won the tender for the 2008-kilometer line in 76 with a bid of 294 million liras. However, 435 percent of the work was completed despite the fact that the specification was not prepared realistic and the additions such as the cut-and-close tunnel and the overpass were spent. The Senbay Mining-Ermit Engineering partnership, which received the tender renewed in 39, completed the infrastructure excavation works, where it gave a price 2012 times more than the determined cost. The Administrative Court terminated the firm's contract on objections and superstructure work could not be started. 12 million lira came out of the state's safe for this tender. With this decision, the railway construction process stopped in December 537. The tender was left to Gülermak-Kolin Construction, which made the third best bid. However, the Council of State overturned the decision of the court and the tender was left to the company whose contract was terminated. At the point reached, the construction of the historical railway line was locked. According to the account of the Ministry of Transport, another 2013 million liras is required to complete the job. Therefore, the total cost will increase to 500 billion liras. The Supervisory Board of the Ministry of Transport of Azerbaijan and Turkey launched an investigation into the tender lowering embarrassed against Georgia.

The Court of Auditors issued its latest report on the Ministry of Transport's audit report with striking statements on how the state was damaged in the tender. According to the report the Ministry of Transportation General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, 2012 Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) is held by a second tender in railway infrastructure, excavation and filling works for the Turkey section of the railway was to determine the approximate cost as the 42,5 million pounds. This figure corresponded to the 7,48 of the total price of the tender. However, Şenbay-Ermit partnership won the tender and offered 512,5 million liras for the same infrastructure excavation and filling works. This figure represents the 93,32 of the total tender price. With the increase of business to the business partnership, 537 million 843 thousand pounds were paid for the infrastructure works. Thus, 99,9 of the total contract price was spent on infrastructure excavation and filling works. In the report of the Court of Accounts, the following remarkable findings were made: “99,9 of the contract price was spent for excavation and filling works by prioritizing the high price infrastructure works in the work schedule and manufacturing in front of the program. It is clear that the other superstructure and infrastructure productions required to be made within the scope of the tender shall not be completed within the remaining 0,01 of the contract price. The remaining works are expected to remain in a new supply tender. Ine The third tender for the completion of the railway will be costly to the state. Because of the fact that the infrastructure and other infrastructure works, which are not yet completed even 1, are approaching the cost of the Ministry of Transportation, the value of 500 million pounds is approaching. According to the agreement signed by Şenbay-Ermit partnership in 2012, the amount of work remaining is about 63 million pounds. However, it is stated that it is not possible to finish the remaining works.

In this case, the total cost of the construction of the 76 kilometer BTK railway will cost 1,5 billion liras. In the report of the Court of Accounts, when the tenderers completed the high price work items, it was demanded that the biddings in the public procurement system should be eliminated urgently, which would cause the tender price to be spent and the work items that were given low price to be completed again. The report stated that the prestige of the country should be taken into account because of the international nature of the project in question, and the two tenders were clearly criticized for the fact that the cost and business program were not prepared for the efficient use of resources.
Three JCC members wanted an investigation

Şenbay-Ermit business partnership, which received the tender in 2012, received a high bid for infrastructure works and other companies participating in the tender received complaints from the Public Procurement Board (GCC). The second best bidder in the tender-Comsa-Seza Business Partnership to the JCC objection to the construction of the first and second tender on the construction of the two business partners in the infrastructure works too high, superstructure-related works with a very low unit price with the advantage of the total bid price he claimed that he won the tender. In the complaint, it was stated that the partnership projected for the infrastructure items that should be realized first is completed but the work has not been completed. For this reason, the remaining part of the work was completed again to complete the tender. After the completion of the substructure items, which are offered very high profitability, the second tender in which similar method is applied, the job will need to be replenished and public damage will occur. The 7 member of the KIK's 3 evaluating the application has justified the above-mentioned objection of the company and asked for a notification to the Prime Ministry Inspection Board for review and investigation of the tender officer and commission members. However, when the 4 member voted against the objection of the objection, the company's objection was rejected.
BTK will carry 3 million passengers annually if runs out

When it was completed, the foundation of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway, which will connect China and Eastern Europe with Europe with the help of Marmaray, was laid in Kars at 24 July 2008. up to Tbilisi to Kars project 76-kilometer section of Turkey, which carries up to Ahilkelek 29-kilometer section from the Georgian. The existing line of 80 kilometers between Ahilkelek and Tbilisi is being rehabilitated by Azerbaijan. It was foreseen that the entire ICT would be completed at 2013. By the end of the railway, 3 million passengers and 6,5 million tons of cargo were targeted in the medium term. The project partner will provide uninterrupted rail connections between the three countries and the Central Asian Turkish republics.


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