Remembrance Day for Traffic Victims

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Remembrance Day of the Victims of the Victims of the Victims: Every day we die on the roads one by one and we get injured.

Every day we install the installment installment on the roads and get injured, newspaper headlines, statistics, we are creating an agenda for mass death and injuries. With the effect of the agenda, we create short-term audits, emergency and day-saving solutions, and continue on our way. 3 of November every year. Sunday is the day of commemoration of traffic victims. We commemorate the millions of people who lost their lives and injured on the roads with love and respect.

The cost of a loss of life 1,8 Million Euro
In the EU countries for the year of 2013, the annual socio-economic damage of road traffic deaths and injuries is approx.
250 million is estimated to be Euro. The cost of a loss of life is given in 1,8 million Euros.

The size of the damage caused by road deaths and injuries is evident from the figures.
- According to official records in Europe, 2013 people died in 26.025, while more than 300.000 people were injured.
- General Directorate of Traffic traffic collision in the study, which was built in 1998 to determine the costs of traffic collisions cost amounting to 2,8 billion TL in Turkey and the ratio of national income is calculated as 2.2%.
Only the cost of material-damaged traffic collisions is estimated to be at the average levels of 4 billion dollars

- According to unofficial figures in our country, 10.000 people die on the roads every year and 250.000 people are injured. One of the injured with each person who died is continuing his life with permanent injuries. One of every 11 families in Turkey is traffic victims. The main purpose of a safe road system is to establish a road transportation system that does not cause death and injury and minimizes the risk of errors.

Losses can not just figure!
Deaths and injuries that occur in traffic are not just a number or statistics. All of the traffic victims are real people and the real family tragedies are experienced. After the loss of a life as a result of a traffic collision, it brings the losses of the survivors. His family, friends, school, job, social environment and country lost him.

Decrease average speed, reduce traffic collisions
Speed ​​is a very important traffic violation that causes death and injury in traffic collisions.
One of each 3 traffic accident that resulted in death was caused by the excessive speed of the General Directorate of Security. % 13 of traffic collisions is caused by speed and speed violations. In the case of vulnerable road users, in particular pedestrians and cyclists, each collision results in irreparable results.

  • Survival of a pedestrian when a vehicle strikes at 30 km / h or lower speed
    the probability of this is% 90, if the vehicle is at a speed of 45 per hour, this probability drops to 50.
  • Survival probability of a pedestrian who crashes at an 80 km per hour
    it is almost like none.
  • Increasing the speed by% 10 increases the impact effect by% 21.
    High speed, the possibility of safety measures in the vehicle and driver ability to prevent collision
    It decreases. Research shows that 5 decreases the average speed from 100, ie 95 to 18,5 km / h, while 14.3 reduction in fatal traffic collisions and XNUMX decrease in collisions resulting in serious injury.
  1. ETSC (European Council for Transport Safety) 2014.
    xnumx.yrd. Assoc. Dr. Banu Özgürel, Yaşar University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Actuarial Sciences, 2 February 17

Speed, safety belt and helmet are not used, rules violations, mobile phones, using drugs and alcohol and drugs and human error caused by many factors cause death and injury in collisions. The audits are not made regularly and adequately, and the penalties related to traffic violations are deleted by 3-4 annually. In order to solve all the problems, decision makers should be aware of the negative effects of the collisions caused by the speed, the difficulties experienced by the victims after the collision, and the legal regulations required to reduce road deaths and injuries.

Demands as Traffic Victims
1. We want an efficient mobility and a pedestrian center. We want security on the roads for elderly, disabled, children and vulnerable pedestrians. We want the implementation of the Zero Vision implemented in Sweden and encouraged all protection measures to prevent the deaths and injuries of road and death and injuries.
2 We want to take into account artık post-collision impact ”. Pain loss due to collision, injuries and disability decreases the quality of life of the victims and their relatives. After the collision, especially the inadequacy of the penalties given in the judicial phase, the efforts of proving / proving that they are right next to the sufferings and losses of the victims, the lack of communication with the justice and insurance institutions cause the problems to be solved. Road safety with many work done while traffic victims remain alone. Investigation, Prosecution and Support Services for Traffic Victims, Health Sector roads should be useful and should be considered as a public health problem.
3.We want interpersonal communication. We want the institutions of health, safety and justice to take into account the problems experienced after the traffic collision in road safety programs, to ensure the sharing of information and to make the necessary legal arrangements. We want to make the communication between the security and hospitals more efficient and the data to be collected faster.
We want 4. We want to provide middle and long-term care services for victims and relatives of road deaths and injuries during the period of medical assistance and rehabilitation.

After the 5.Traffic collision, we do not want to pay fines and a fair trial. We also want traffic victims to be taken into account at the same rate as the victims of violence and crime. We want to make the case investigations more rigorous and fair, and to pay the material and non-pecuniary damages to the victims during the 1 year without waiting for the criminal case. In case of non-payment of non-pecuniary damages, which should be paid by the accused, we demand that the public receivable be counted and the imprisonment shall be imposed in case of non-payment.
We do not call traffic accidents because the word imes accident ası predicts forgiveness from the beginning. However, all of them happen due to carelessness and irresponsibility, that is, lar predictable a. If you go through the red light, you cause a collision, if you increase your speed so that you cannot control your speed, you will bring out unintended consequences and if you hit someone, you ın take away the right to life of a person Kırmızı. If we take care of a little, if we think of our own safety, understand our own responsibility and don't happen to us, maybe we won't lose so much on the roads.

Remembrance Day for World Traffic Victims
3 of November every year. World Traffic Victims Memorial Day. Commemoration Day was organized by the European Federation of Traffic Victims FEVR since 1993. 26 Since the date of October 2005, with the support of the World Health Organization, the UN recognized the Day of Victims of the Victims of Victims and participated worldwide. Since 2007 in Turkey was recognized as the official Memorial Day Traffic Victims. Göster The importance of a country for traffic accidents and injuries also shows the importance it attaches to road safety. “

16 November 2014 Day of the Day.Make you lost their lives and injured millions of traffic victims to commemorate with love and respect.

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