The road was broken in Trabzon

Trabzon detached road: Trabzon, Çarşıbaşı district of Trabzon exploded in the influence of heavy rainfall, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Drinking Water and Sewerage Administration (TİSKİ) water channel caused the landslide. As a result of the landslide, the entrance of the 16 storey apartment, where the 9 dwelling is located, closes the entrances, and the residents of the apartment provide access to the building from a broken wall.
Büyükdere neighborhood in the incident that occurred last night, the same neighborhood, the water channel project for the project was built within the scope of the Büyükliman Water Supply Project, the burst of excessive rainfall. As a result of the explosion of the channel 16 residential apartment 9 storey of the bridge providing access to the collapse of the building, as a result of the landslide, the entrance of the same building was closed. The lack of pedestrian crossing from the bridge that provided access to the building prevented a disaster, while the people who were stranded in the building managed to break out of the wall in another part of the same building.
Çarşıbaşı Mayor Coşkun Yılmaz, who came to the scene in the morning and visited the landslide, said Belediye The residents of the apartment provided the entrance to the building from the collapsed bridge. Fortunately, there was no loss of life when the bridge collapsed. We're going to start a run to open the building's entrance at the moment. However, there is a retaining wall for securing the channel belonging to TİSKİ and building the bridge providing access to the building. We will make our attempts in this regard. TİSKİ managed to give water to the building that was cut in the water at night. In the electricity sector, Çoruh EDAŞ teams made necessary moves. In case we provide access to the building, we will get the needs of the apartment residents a little bit. Bin
TİSKİ Çarşıbaşı Manager Mr. Selim Kaya stated that they started working on the issues related to the institution and they started to give water to the building. They'il come and look. What needs to be done will be done, Yapıl he said.

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