Tonya-Vakfıkebir Highway Before The Landslide After Transportation

Before Transportation on the Tonya-Vakfıkebir Highway, Landslide, Then Snow Strike: There is a transportation ordeal on the highway connecting Tonya and Vakfıkebir in Trabzon.
Trabzon's Tonya and Vakfıkebir districts linking the road road linking. Tonya-Vakfıkebir road connecting the Black Sea Coast Road in a sense to the world due to landslides due to landslides have been closed for approximately 15 days after the citizens are now faced with snow suffering. Approximately 15 for the day by way of access to the citizens of the village with the foundation of the road with the snowfall started to be effective in the village roads as well as transportation has turned into troubles. Citizens, from the direction of the landslide Tonya and Vakfıkebir coming from the direction of the landslide has to overcome the pedestrian zone. After the dangerous march on the landslide area, citizens 2. taking a vehicle is heading towards Tonya or Vakfıkebir.
Citizens, while the rebellion of the transportation they are experiencing, hopes to be solved as soon as possible transportation problems.

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