Bridge will be cut for the crossroads at Tonami Square

Trees will be cut for a bridge intersection in Tonami Square: Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman made a statement about cutting trees for a bridge intersection in Tonami Square. Salman: "There is no technology to remove a tree 30 centimeters in diameter in Turkey. That's why we have no chance to dismantle the trees, they will be cut. ”
Yalova Platform reacted to the cutting of 158 trees of different species for the bridge intersection planned to be built in Tonami Square, which is an important point in the transition point from Yalova to Bursa and Izmit. Evaluating the responses of the platform, Salman said, “Whatever you do in Yalova, there is a reaction and reaction group. While carrying out an event, as Hayrettin Karaca said, it is necessary to see whether there is a public interest. ”
Salman said that a significant problem of Yalova was traffic before the election and said, “Solving this is not an easy task in Yalova. Because Yalova is a poorly planned city. It is easy to plan if it is unplanned, but you cannot go beyond applying makeup to a poorly planned city. ”
Salman stated that the traffic in Yalova is jammed in the Dörtyol region, especially in the summer months, and continued:
“This is a road that connects 3 major metropolises such as Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir. Construction of the Gulf Crossing Bridge will take the load in the region. There are opinions that the project is unnecessary. This is until the bridge is built. 'Will anything change after the bridge is built?' Maybe it will relax for a year or two, but with the increase in the population in Yalova, the same problem will be experienced again. It went down, it was an overpass, and the authority to decide this is not Yalova Municipality, but Highways. Because it's not my responsibility. It is necessary to ask the Highways why the sunk output is not. Whether it's sunk or not, it's not a bad entrance like Izmir's entrance, but it has to be based on something, science. This does not happen by talking to people by heart, by saying something from where he lives. If an overpass is going to be built there, does the tree have to be cut there? Must. Now we have to be realistic. As Hayrettin Karaca says; it's not a forest. There are no trees that have no compensation. Let us have a 100-year-old tree and not cut it there. There is also this; I researched the technology to the end. In Turkey, 30 centimeters in diameter to remove a tree what equipment, what machines, what technology. So we have no chance to disassemble them, they will be cut. It was arrived at the tender stage, it will be in December. We will do what is necessary as a municipality. We plant too many trees in place of every tree we cut.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:34

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