The Great Achievement of Yol-Is Union

Yol-Is Union 's Great Success: Road - Work Union Trabzon 1 Branch President Gökhan Gedikli said that the locations of the workers gathered in the pond are clear.
Gokhan GEDIKLI, Chairman of the Branch of Trabzon Branch of the Yol-Is Union in his statement, demanded that the workers who worked in our line of business were given to the service of the Regional Directorate of Highways to be able to work in suitable jobs according to the masters and experiences of the employees who gathered in the pool following the metropolitan law. As a result of our initiatives on 1 in Trabzon, the staff and surplus staff in the 06.11.2014 231 workers' Highways Trabzon 10. The Regional Directorate and the 41 worker are assigned to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. Thus, families were prevented from disintegrating, and the masters of road and construction work were provided to work in their respective jobs.
Gökhan GEDİKLİ continued his work with the Governor of Trabzon Mr. Erdoğan. Prof. Dr. Abdil Celil ÖZ, Head of State Personnel. Mehmet Ali Kumbuzoğl of Turkey Road-Business Association General Chairman Mr. Ramadan Agar, our union would like to thank the Board of Directors on behalf of our members and everyone who contributed. Now we expect the same dialogue success to be realized for the subcontractor workers who are waiting for 38 staff for the month. Providing the General Directorate of Highways, the decision of the General Directorate of General Directorate of Highways workers who are certain that the staff of the subcontractor workers in the whole country, as Trabzon has become the most important expectation of employees in our city, he said.

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