Bridge to the bridge over the River Thames

📩 24/12/2018 16:46

The glass floor on the bridge over the River Thames: The glass floor was laid on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of France last month. A similar news came from the Tower Bridge in London, the capital of England.
Located on the River Thames, the tower at the height of the 42 meter was renewed and some of the floor was covered with glass. This is the most important change on the historical bridge opened in 1982. The new face of the bridge was first introduced to the press members. Some journalists tried to display the window below and others could not prevent their feelings. Because one of the photos taken in the face of a press member closes his mouth as much as excited as seen. Those who are courageous enough do not neglect to walk across the floor. The 1 floor, which costs 1 million pounds, will be available from December onwards. For those who want to see here, the amount to be paid is 9 for adults (approx. 30 TL), while for students it is 6,30 pound (approx. 20 TL). Every year, 600 is attracted to a thousand visitors to the Tower Bridge.

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